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Darwin’s Premium Aircon Cleaner

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Your family’s and business’ health both depend on having clean, fresh air to breathe. Ensure your home, hotel and office is hygienic and safe, call in the experts and make sure your loved ones aren’t exposed to airborne pathogens and that your space is free from odours.

We utilise premium equipment to clean the internal aircon coils and fans on wall mounted split air conditioner and box air conditioners. We will remove all mould and matter, leaving it spotless and helping it reach optimal performance.

Experienced aircon cleaners using bio-degradable products

Our natural oil products offer the ultimate in air conditioner cleaning and hygiene. It is well regarded that Natural Oils are as effective and sometimes more effective than many chemicals, but importantly they are not corrosive to your aircon and your health.

Our natural oil products are proven to inhibit the growth of mould and bacteria spores, from a single household aircon through to a large HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. Right Air’s active ingredients are 100% Australian Tea-tree oil and Lemongrass oil, both possess antimicrobial, fungicidal, deodorizing and insecticidal properties.

We currently service all areas of Darwin and Sydney.



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