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We can provide aircon cleaning services from 1 to 500 aircons

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The Right Team. Every Time.

The Right Equipment

There are many options when engaging someone to clean your air conditioners, ensure you choose one that is serious about hygiene and has serious equipment…Right Air uses premium coil cleaning equipment .

The Right Service

Our team members and franchisees are very carefully selected. It is not just enough to hold a pressure gun and a screwdriver , we strive to the best complete air conditioning cleaning partner for you and your business.

The Right Product

Proven over time, natural oils are very effective, if not more effective than many chemicals in the cleaning, sanitising and inhibiting of mould and bacteria. Natural oils are also non-corrosive to your air conditioner and your health.

RightAir-LogoNatural, Chemical-Free Air Conditioner Cleaning Services

We specialise in ensuring your home and workplace is breathing easy and free from mouldy odours. Call in the experts and enjoy professional aircon cleaning for all your air conditionining systems. Whether you have one small aircon or a hotel of 500 aircons, our trained team and specialised equipment can efficiently and thoroughly clean your aircons. Right Air will make your air conditioners clean, hygienic, free from odours and leave your rooms smelling great..

Darwin-wide air conditioner cleaning experts

There are many companies offering an air conditioner cleaning service, however most use chemicals. We are chemical free and we use premium specialised equipment designed to clean through the coils of your air conditioner, not just the surface. Our products are natural oils based which is also great for deodourising,  it will leave your room or office smelling fresh and clear of odours.

Benefits of our expert, natural aircon cleaning services

Clean and hygienic aircons provide a healthy environment for your family, or staff and clients. This can help reduce the occurrence of germs being spread, incidences of illness, leading to a happier home life, and your employees needing fewer sick days. A healthy work environment will also improve staff morale, which will lead to greater productivity and a more positive workplace

A clean unit will perform more efficiently, consume less power, and save you money on the electricity bill. It also make it less likely to breakdown and preventative maintenance can prolong the life of your system, saving on a costly replacement.

Get in touch and find out more about what we can do for you

Pick up the phone and call our team on 1800 437 668 today. We will be happy to discuss your requirements, whether it’s residential or commercial, whether it’s one aircon or 500, we service Darwin, Palmerston and the Rural area. Our team has many years of experience and provides honest and genuine advice to help you get the most from your unit.